Moving Tips

Pack boxes completely full. Partially filled boxes have a tendency to crush when they are packed on top of each other on the truck. If the box collapses, the contents inside may get damaged.

Dressers and filing cabinets are always best moved when empty. We will wrap the dresser or cabinet with its drawers in.

Not all boxes are created equally! When you are packing fragile glassware, you should use a box that has two layers of cardboard. Fragile stemware can even be loosely packed in a book box that is placed within a dish pack or larger box.

When packing dishes, glasses and other breakables into a box, always place on end. A plate that is sideways is much less likely to break than one that is laying flat.

You can never use too much paper when you are packing fragile items.

Disassemble anything that can be taken apart. Please note that particle board furniture or furniture that is built at home is not insurable because its joints are not glued and the backs are often pressboard that is nailed in place. These pressboard backings are often not strong enough to withstand a move. That being said, we have moved many such pieces and do everything in our power for your piece to arrive safely.

If you have cats it is wise to keep them confined in a place that is out of the way. This can be an unused bathroom, a closet or a room that has already been emptied.